Friday, October 14, 2011

Robot Master Class @ Design Modelling Symposium 2011, Berlin

Berlin + Robot = Robotic Graffiti!

Robots in Architecture is on the road again! At the Design Modelling Symposium in Berlin, we held a 2-day robot masterclass that introduced our participants to the KUKA|prc plugin for Grasshopper.
We started out with automatic toolpath generation for robotic writing, but quickly moved on to multi-axis spraypainting on the host university’s white walls – it’s Berlin, after all!
Using an Arduino board, the KUKA robot interfaced with the spraygun, allowing designs that consist of multiple strokes.

We want to thank the participants of our master class, the organizers of the symposium and the workshop host UdK Berlin!

We are currently at the ACADIA conference in Canada and will post some of the workshop material once we’re back home.

Important: Robots in Architecture has moved! You can now access this post and all the associated data at


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