Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Parametric Robot Control Workshop @ CAAD Futures 2011

On July 5th Robots in Architecture held a one-day-only robot workshop at the CAAD Futures 2011 conference. We really had to compress many topics into a single day...with a long lunch break! Fortunately, we had really enthusiastic participants (Thank you Aurelie, Chengyu, Daniel, Dermott, Emmanouil, Juan Manuel, Pankaja, Peter, Rivka, and Sebastian!) and had a great time going from parametric design to direct robotic fabrication in just a few hours.
For the design of parametric shading panels we prepared aluminium sheets for each participant and then used our KUKA robot to parametrically punch the individual patterns into the material - while this may sound simple, many factors such as toolpath layout, reachability, geometry, design and kinematics had to be considered.
We've uploaded the workshop material and prepared a short video of the workshop that also showcases the capabilities of our upcoming KUKA|prc component for Grasshopper - enjoy!

Our next stops are:
Master Class
Design Modelling Symposium 2011
08.10.-12.10. | Berlin

Paper Presentation
ACADIA Conference 2011
11.10.-16.10. | Calgary

We want to thank our workshop participants, our hosts at Lucid ULg Li├Ęge and KUKA CEE for making this workshop possible!

Important: Robots in Architecture has moved! You can now access this post and all the associated data at http://www.robotsinarchitecture.org/594/parametric-robot-control-workshop-caad-futures-2011


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